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Hello. You mention a library for loading the resources, is that available?


Sorry, it was my fault. I've uploaded a new file that contains the packer executable, and the library with C header. Thanks for your support!

Thank you!

Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, but I can't get it to work. I made the simplest project possible just to test it out & it says "undefined symbol" for each function call. That was with tcc & the same thing happens if I try to compile with mingw, "undefined reference". Would it be possible to look at my project & see if I'm doing something wrong?


I see... it seems that static library .a generated with gcc is not recognized by tcc. Building your sample with gcc (32-bit) instead of tcc works fine. I recommend you to clone source project on github ( and adjust its Makefile to build it to your needs. It's a really simple and small project.

Beware that since I released this project, I learned a lot about encryption, so It's possible that I make some changes on the future. Having it on github assures that you'll always get the latest release.

Thanks! I didn't even need to change anything in the makefile, mingw64 compiled it & it works now, at least with my VS Code debugger. I got a .png to display and .mp3 to play using raylib. The only thing I didn't get to work was the password. Is my syntax wrong? I put this into my command prompt to create the .dat:

respack list.txt Y4Dti74#@4

Then put "Y4Dti74#@4" as the 2nd field in ResPack_Open.


I've done a quick test, and it seems to be some problem with the decrypter. It works without encryption, but the assets aren't returned when using a key. At this very moment I can't fix it, but I'll push a fix as soon as I have a moment -it shouldn't be difficult-. As I sad, I have now more knowledge about cypher than when I started the project. Sorry about it, and thanks for your understanding!