Tilengine 2.10.0 released

Tilengine 2.10.0 has been released.

It's main feature is the new CRT emulation effect showcased in previous post https://megamarc.itch.io/tilengine/devlog/418243/preview-of-new-crt-effect

But it also has some new features and bugfixes:

  • adds TLN_PauseSpriteAnimation() and TLN_ResumeSpriteAnimation() for temporarily freeze sprite animations
  • fixes TLN_SetPaletteColor(), adds bound check
  • fixes bug where some "holes" appear in front layer if the background tileset file (tsx) is saved with a Tiled version older than 0.13.0 (August 2015)
  • build: adds cmake support files
  • build: removes unimportant warnings with gcc

The new CRT emulation adds new TLN_ConfigCRTEffect() function, but keeps old public function so it's API and ABI backwards compatible with previous releases.


Linux ARMv7l (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone...) 385 kB
Sep 30, 2022
Linux Desktop 32-bit 403 kB
Sep 30, 2022
Linux Desktop 64-bit 396 kB
Sep 30, 2022
Windows 32-bit 472 kB
Sep 30, 2022
Windows 64-bit 491 kB
Sep 30, 2022

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