Tilengine 2.15 released

Tilengine 2.15 released

This release adds two features related to the bult-in window:

Support for variable refresh rate monitors

Until now Tilengine was fixed to 60 Hz with vsync enabled. This is very convenient for standard 60 Hz monitors, but caused problems with other rates like 120 Hz, 144 Hz or 240 Hz.

This release automatically detects and adjust to actual monitor refresh rate, but also allows to override it and force a desired target fps. It also allow to disable vsync between frames, something required when forcing a target refresh rate different than the monitor.

Change window scaling factor

Now it's possible to change window size at runtime, by pressing ALT-1 to ALT-5. This way you can test different scaling factors without having to recompile and relaunch the app


Linux ARMv7l (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone...) 688 kB
Apr 22, 2023
Linux Desktop 32-bit 706 kB
Apr 22, 2023
Linux Desktop 64-bit 699 kB
Apr 22, 2023
Windows 32-bit 765 kB
Apr 22, 2023
Windows 64-bit 786 kB
Apr 22, 2023

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I'm out on holidays trip right now, I'll check the issue next week when I come back.

Thanks for highlighting this one

Sounds good! I no longer have access to the forums because the password reset email no longer sends. So I thought I'd mention it here since I got your attention now: I was playing around with scaling layers and sprites, and I was thinking it would be cool if there was a "scale world" function built into Tilengine. Right now I'm calling TLN_SetLayerScaling on each individual layer in my world, and then calling TLN_SetSpriteScaling on the sprites, but this isn't really getting me anywhere because the sprites obviously don't stay with  their position in the world, they just get smaller or bigger on screen. It would be very nice if there was a built in function that would scale the whole world at once keeping where the sprites would be in the world instead of on screen, and maybe we could have it scale to an anchored point, for instance a sprite's position or a certain area of the world's position? Love to hear your thoughts on this! Enjoy your holiday!



I'll check what's going on in the forums with recovery email, lately it has been giving some troubles.

For the "world scaling" suggestion I guess you're already using "world mode" introduced in release 2.9, right? In theory it should be possible to add this feature to "world mode", but I guess there may be some tricky edge cases when trying to make all elements correctly aligned. But let me check it when I come back, it's an interesting feature to have!

Have a nice holiday time you too!

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Seems there is a bug in this version with windowed mode. Graphics aren't showing until you switch to full screen, then they show up again if switched back.

I tried starting in full screen, and the screen is blank until I switch to windowed mode. 

Issue fixed