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2D retro grapics engine with true raster effects for creating 8/16 bit style games · By megamarc


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Tilengine 2.9.4 - improved layer queries
This release fixes an issue unforeseen with the introduction of automated world loading with TLN_LoadWorld() : the ability to retrieve layer type and active ass...
5 files
Tilengine 2.93 released
Small update, fixes bug in TLN_SetNextSprite() when rearranging the last sprite in the list...
5 files
Tilengine 2.92 released
Small update that brings back compatibility with recently updated ResourcePacker. Current version isn't backwards compatible with the original one, so both side...
5 files
Python Platformer refactoring
I've done a major refactoring of Tilengine's sister project Python Platformer . I've split it onto separat...
Release 2.9.1 - Sprite pivot & layer enable
Custom sprite pivot This update introduces an useful feature: the ability to set the sprite's pivot position with TLN_SetSpritePivot . Until now it was always f...
5 files
Release 2.9.0 - World mode
This release adds a new feature called World mode , where all the layers contained in a single .tmx file and any selected sprites are updated when the "world po...
5 files
Release 2.8.5 - Small bugfixes
Reimplements TLN_SetAnimationDelay() for single frame Per-pixel collision status is cleared when disabling a sprite. Reusing it in the same frame caused the col...
5 files
Apple OSX build available
Apple OSX build available again After upgrading my main development computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the VMWare Player where I used to run a virtualized O...
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I've setup a new project in GitHub to show, with progressive updates, how to build a 2D platformer prototype in tilengin...
started by megamarc Nov 05, 2017
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