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2D retro grapics engine with true raster effects for creating 8/16 bit style games · By megamarc


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Tilengine 2.0 is fully open source LGPL
This 2.0. release marks a significant philosophy change: Tilengine is now a full-featured open source project relicensed with the LGPL conditions. Now anyone ca...
6 files
Release 1.21.1
Updated binaries for all platforms to latest 1.21.1 release. Major changes since 1.19 are: Background layers accept full bitmaps in addition to classic tiled ba...
5 files
Cumulative 1.19 update
Small updates to the 1.19 release C# binding: updated to 1.19 library version Python binding: fixed Sprite::set_blend_mode() method New binding and samples: Lua...
6 files
Small bugfix for 1.19
Fixed small bug in python binding that passed SequencePack::get_sequence() an incorrect type of parameter, causing linux crash Fixed some file names in samples...
6 files
Release 1.19
Updated packages for the latest 1.19 release: Ability to modify Spriteset data (sprite locations and pixel contents) at runtime Optional nearest-neighbour upsca...
6 files
Tilengine 1.17 released
This release for all compatible platforms has these new features and enhancements: New property for individual tiles in Tiled editor: "priority", setting it to...
6 files
Tilengine 1.16 released
Minor update with bugfixes and new sprite priority: Fixed TLN_LoadTilemap () when loading other layer than the first one in a tmx with many layers Fixed TLN_Get...
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