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2D retro grapics engine with true raster effects for creating 8/16 bit style games · By megamarc


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Libretro core with loadable LUA games
I'm working on an experimental version of tilengine. It's a libretro core with loadable games written in lua. Libretro cores are plugins that can be run inside...
Updated to release 2.4.0
BIG update! Tilengine isn't dead by any means! But certainly I've focused more on GitHub and facebook news posting, whereas releases have been somewhat...
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Tilengine 2.0 is fully open source LGPL
This 2.0. release marks a significant philosophy change: Tilengine is now a full-featured open source project relicensed with the LGPL conditions. Now anyone ca...
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Release 1.21.1
Updated binaries for all platforms to latest 1.21.1 release. Major changes since 1.19 are: Background layers accept full bitmaps in addition to classic tiled ba...
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Cumulative 1.19 update
Small updates to the 1.19 release C# binding: updated to 1.19 library version Python binding: fixed Sprite::set_blend_mode() method New binding and samples: Lua...
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Small bugfix for 1.19
Fixed small bug in python binding that passed SequencePack::get_sequence() an incorrect type of parameter, causing linux crash Fixed some file names in samples...
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Release 1.19
Updated packages for the latest 1.19 release: Ability to modify Spriteset data (sprite locations and pixel contents) at runtime Optional nearest-neighbour upsca...
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Tilengine 1.17 released
This release for all compatible platforms has these new features and enhancements: New property for individual tiles in Tiled editor: "priority", setting it to...
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