Release 1.19

Updated packages for the latest 1.19 release:

  • Ability to modify Spriteset data (sprite locations and pixel contents) at runtime
  • Optional nearest-neighbour upscaling instead of the default bilinear filter for big, blocky pixels
  • Added frame raster callback, to get a user-provided function called between frames like a virtual VBLANK interrupt. Especially useful for
    multi-threaded window and interactive Python sessions
  • Updated python binding with new features


Linux Desktop 32-bit 485 kB
Dec 22, 2017
Linux Desktop 64-bit 476 kB
Dec 22, 2017
Apple Mac OS X 64-bit 524 kB
Dec 22, 2017
Windows 32-bit 703 kB
Dec 22, 2017
Windows 64-bit 774 kB
Dec 22, 2017
Linux ARMv7l (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone...) 390 kB
Dec 22, 2017

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