Release 2.9.0 - World mode

This release adds a new feature called World mode, where all the layers contained in a single .tmx file and any selected sprites are updated when the "world position" changes. Layers take into account the parallax factor recently introduced in Tiled editor, as well as offset values, visibility and transparency. And sprites take their "world position" and have them automatically converted into screen coordinates.

Screenshot of "forest" sample .tmx loaded in Tiled. Parallax Factor and Offset are used.

This mode simplifies greatly the setup of a whole level (just a single call). And updating the whole playfield, that previously required one call per layer and per sprite, and keeping track of their positions, now is done with another single call.

The documentation is already online, here it is the new section:

Effect of scrolling parallax layers and sprite with just TLN_SetWorldPosition():

"Classic" mode continues working, so old samples and projects won't break, but new ones can benefit from this "world" feature.


Linux ARMv7l (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone...) 381 kB
Mar 16, 2021
Linux Desktop 32-bit 400 kB
Mar 16, 2021
Linux Desktop 64-bit 392 kB
Mar 16, 2021
Windows 32-bit 694 kB
Mar 16, 2021
Windows 64-bit 487 kB
Mar 16, 2021

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