Tilengine 2.9.4 - improved layer queries

This release fixes an issue unforeseen with the introduction of automated world loading with TLN_LoadWorld(): the ability to retrieve layer type and active assets after loading. Several TLN_GetLayerXXX() functions have been added to retrieve various layer-related data that couldn't been previously queried at runtime.

In addition to this, there's a new sample called QueryLayer.c that showcases this new functionality about retrieving useful data on layers automatically set up with TLN_LoadWorld()



Linux ARMv7l (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone...) 421 kB
13 days ago
Linux Desktop 32-bit 440 kB
13 days ago
Linux Desktop 64-bit 433 kB
13 days ago
Windows 32-bit 520 kB
13 days ago
Windows 64-bit 539 kB
13 days ago

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